Content-writing for the Web

If you are thinking about designing a website or updating the current one you have, you probably know by now that “content is king”. 1 Here are some relevant tips to help you write industry-specific copy for your website. It is prepared with you in mind:  the speed shop or performance parts/ car accessories owner, who is looking for ways to increase your online presence by bringing your actual store to the internet.

Since there are tricks to the trade to effectively write content for your website, we want to share what has taken years of research to learn. If we can speed up the process for you, we’ve met our goal!

The example here is about a fictitious shop in Houston that could be one within our network. After you have read it, continue on to some points below that will make every keystroke count as you design content for your current or future site.


Home Page

When writing your home page you have two purposes:

1. WHAT The first factor is to tell potential customers what they most want to know about your business. Confirm your home page copy is written in a manner that makes it easily searchable by engines like Google and Bing, making it easy for shoppers to find your site. To accomplish this goal you must use what are known as “keywords”. In its simplest form the term keywords means the words web browsers use most often to look for businesses in your market type and local area. 

2. HOW MUCH The second factor is keyword density. This simply means that the search engines assume the words that occur most often on a page are the most important to the page. You could say they count how many times a word appears and rank those words most frequently used as the theme of the page. Keyword density is so important that in order to make it effective you need to use your keywords more than once on a page. However, you do not want to overuse words until it seems unnatural. Search engines and shoppers are turned off by sites that seem stuffed with unnecessary repetition.

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